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Thursday, April 29th 2010,  Kelly Clarkson performed at Tennis Indoor Senayan. Adrie

Subono as the promotor said that there were 3400 audiences who came to the concert.

Even thought there was a rumor that she canceled tocome Indonesia, Kelly has

declared that she refused the rumor. There was also  a rejection of the concert because

the concert was sponsored by a cigarette advertising. However, all the controversial

doesn’t inhibit the performance.

SHe looks more fat than before,, her body full of flesh,,

SHe should exercise ,,,


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Suri Cruise Fashion Blog

As some of you probably have known, Suri Curise is Tom Cruise n Katie Holmes’s daughter. She is so sweet n cute. I really adore this cute girl. In fact, her parents is superstar n uber rich. How about her daily days? She doesn’t same with other children. She is extraordinary. Even though she still a child, she can dress up nicely. She has been a mini-fashionista since birth. Perharps, you’re always wondering whether she has a stylist or not. I think she hasn’t a stylist because her mother cares with buying her adorable accessories n dress.

To be honest, I envy with this 3 years old child. Just imagined it!!! Her age is too young for dressing up like mostly teenager. Hmm, when u have a rich parents everything is possible. I mean, She treated  like a teenage with those branded fashion. When she grows up, she absolutely will be the next Paris Hilton,,,,

Surprisingly!!! She has a fashion blog. Of course, she doesn’t write the blog, some one else do it, may be her assistant? however I’m not sure a little girl has an assistant,, OK,,
Let’s us discuss it!!!!

Suri bundled up in a matching hat, scarf and mitten set as she held onto her umbrella. Suri is wearing Pink Mary Jane 3 by Nike. Suri is keeping her legs warmth in Rib Knit Tights in Mint from FW’09 Stella McCartney for Gap Collection. Yeah,,, never ever takes off of branded items,,, but I like this picture, Her pose is cute,,!!!

Look at her head!!! Her ensembles are strikingly similar to that of “Gossip Girl” Blair Waldorf. Both cute-as-a-button brunettes love feminine, preppy outfits complete with coordinating purses . Well, She is always up to date,,,, Now, She is a fashion icon for every little girls,,

Lemme comparing between Blair Waldorf n Suri Cruize,,,

Red & Black From Head-To-Toe

Printy in Pink

Wrapped in Green n Gold

White legging, Red flat n coat

Frills, Flowers, and Peeptoes

Should Gossip Girl ever do a flashback sequence of Blair’s childhood.

She wearing cute pink ballerina outfit, complete with white legging n ballet shoes with Princess Barbie umbrella. She is kinda a little princess with those items.

Ouch!! She still drinking from her bottle,, Katie Holmes  should train her daughter to not drink from bottle anymore. Her fashion is so teenage but you can deny that SHE IS STILL A CHILD!!!

She accessorized with a purse and headband as she greeted the crew and waved at photographers.  She is a humble n her pose likes  a Hollywood star.

Spotted in the park, She played swing,,  What a happy little girl,,

She practices to be a great runner,,

Suri is always carried by Katie Holmes. Katie Holmes seems worried to take off her arms from Suri. Is she afraid her child will be kidnapped?

I wanna see her when she grows up,,  Hmmm,,   How about Suri 10 years later ? Her appearance reflects that she will become a fabulous girl !!!!!

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As usual, I, Novel n my sista, Hanie,,hanging out at La Piazza on this weekend ,,, We decided to watch at 21 cinema, La Piazza. Novel n Hanie watched ” The Book of Eli ” while I watched ” Clash of the Titans “,, Yeah I know, I’m too late to watch it because the movie has been shown for previous week. Butta really wanna watch it so I don’t care if we split in different studio. Hmmm,, I must say that Clash of the Titans similar with Percy Jackson,,, Both of them deserve to be watched,,,,

I n Novel tried a Papperoni Piramizza ,,

If u don’t know about Piramizza. I’ll explain it,,,

Piramizza is a pizza using bread dough like a cone whose contents are the pizza ingredients. The Pizza with cone-shaped display innovation with the variations of toppings. Piramizza provides 4 different flavors and tastes, such as roast chicken flavor, chicken mushrooms, beef burgers & papperoni and black pepper. For topping variations, used mozzarela cheese and a sprinkling of fresh vegetables. Likewise with other variants of flavors, such as pieces of beef into small pieces on Piramizza Black Pepper Beef. Also, a mixture of fresh onions as complementary.

Afta adding the topping, Piramizza baked in the oven for approximately 10 minutes with a temperature of 250 degrees

In my opinion, Piramizza tasty like to eat ice cream but its contents Pizza. The shape of Piramizza is so unique. We can eat Pizza without having been cut. It’s so practical n easy to eat. U should try it,, OK!!!

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UniQuE BeLT!!!!

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CuTe HaT

I adore these beautiful n cute hats >_<

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FYI, all the model’s item by

I wanna buy lovely cute tights. Imma gonna buy ‘em Miley Cyrus, Taylor Momsen n Taylor Swift wear lace tights too,,, It’s so trendy!!

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