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Glitter Words
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Gila hari niegh macet di sepanjang jalan tol cawang sampai kebun jeruk, Awalnya gw pengen ketemu ma Om Frans, Holistic Therapy. Janjiannya jam 1 tapi ngaret, bokap gw mesti bayar PPB dulu. Soalnya niegh hari terakhir. Emang awalnya dach salah baru berangkat jam 12,, macet di tol kira’ 2 jam.

Pas ditengah jalan Om Frans telepon, dia bilang dia mw pergi jam 2. Padahal kita masih di Pancoran, terpaksa jadi batal dech janjian ma Om Frans. Udah macet panas pula,, Ac di mobil ga bisa hidup lagi. Arrghh,,, tadi di jalan serasa di neraka, panas , penuh debu polusi udara. Abis itu kita kita ngaso bentar di rumah Ii Ting’, di Puri,, Kata bokap gw dy kapok jalan situ lagi,,

Tw gini gw pergi dech ma Natalia ke Plaza Indonesia,, Pagi’ natalia telepon ngajakin gw pergi tapi gw udah janji ma Om Frans, jadi gw tolak ajakan Natalia. Ternyata malah batal pergi ke Om Frans. Om Frans bilang minggu depan aja,,, Jadi ga yach minggu depan ke Om Frans. Kalau melihat situasi tol hari niegh yang begitu macet gw jadi gak yakin.


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ALeXa CHung

Alexa Chung is one of the fashion muse who gets a lot of  attention. Because of her style is wearable, quirky n messy style. Do u want copy her style which effortless but stylish at the same time? Let’s copy her signature and you’re gonna be stylish as she does!

1. T-shirt dress
Many of her T-shirts are simple white tees with a fun design printed on them. Alexa like to wear wardrobe with warna netral, For example  black, grey, brown n blue .  And she just mix and match with tights jeans and mini skirt. Great look!2. Cardigan or Blazer
She wears  a boyish T-shirt, rebellious  or casual dress , Alexa add cardigan or blazer as outwear.  . She has such great style. adore!

3. Tights or Socks
Alexa really like wears black tights or knee high socks to cover her leg. Miss Chung usually wears vintage dresses. So chic!

4. Pump Shoes or Boots Shoes
hang around, ngopi di cafe, nonton konser musik atau dateng ke undangan event, Alexa looks enjoy n pump shoes or her lovely boots . Love Alexa. She has amazing style!

5. Simple accessories
Kalo kamu perhatiin, Miss Chung prefer memakai small bags or clutches. And she is never over accessorized. Dengan sentuhan style-nya, Miss Chung keliatan lebih suka memakai vintage atau long simple necklaces. She’s got an adorable sense of style. Inspiring.

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Yesterday, I met with my senior, Pauline. I was so glad to see her, becauseI didn’t meet her for a long time ago. I n my sista met her at Kampung Melayu. We went to Epicentrum by Transjakarta. When arrived at Epicentrum XXI, we queued to buy ticket. We watched The Last Airbender (3D). We enjoyed the movie. We were chatting all the time. We had dinner at Pasar  Festival. We captured a lot of pictures. It was a fun day. It was girls day out.

I, My sista, Stephanie n Pauline

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