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A festival dedicated to the rhymes, beats and tunes of soul, hip hop, R&B and rap, Jakarta International Java Soulnation Festival (SOULNATION, for short) combines a range of fun attractions and activities and presents an array of talents, from both Indonesia and abroad. The festival fosters cross-cultural cooperation to allow wider opportunity especially for the younger generation to enjoy world-quality entertainment. In addition, it aims to enhance the country’s image and demonstrate to the world that Indonesia is a safe place to visit, promote music and tourism industry, and provide Jakarta with an event that strengthens its identity as a metropolitan city.

Jakarta International Java Soulnation Festival that runs annually in October for two days, Friday to Saturday, has been a huge gathering of musicians from many parts of the world. More hundreds of musicians participated at the extensively publicized event.



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Afta watched Step 1 n 2, I really wanna watch Step Up 3. I’ve been waiting for watching Step Up 3. The trailer is attractive n lure. I’ve watched it for three times. I really like the theme song, We dance on and Florida feat David Gueta’s song, Club can’t handle me. I repeat the song all the time. I’ve watched the video which is Step Up 3 trailer. It seems I wanna dance like ’em. I  like their choreography. I Love their song too. The movie is amazing ,,

Here is the synopsis,,

When the Maryland School of the Arts (MSA) goes to Paris for an international dance competition, one of the dancers – Moose (Adam G. Sevani) – misses his flight back to Baltimore. He soon makes friends with an American away from home and a beautiful French sophisticate. They introduce Moose to the red-hot Parisian underground dance scene, and before long he is wowing the local dancers with his unique moves as they prepare for an underground dance competition. With time running out before the big event and their routine stolen by a rival crew, Moose turns to his loyal MSA crew in Baltimore for help. Can Moose, the MSA crew and the French crew pull together a new dance number at the last minute? And will it be good enough to beat the world’s best street dancers?

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