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On Monday, 28 March 2011,,, We visited Hotel Mulya, We attended adorasi and healing by Romo Yohanes. It was

so crowded,,  Fortunately we entered the show without ticket, because my aunt was the committee of the show.

After the show we were looking at the lobby,,, There was chocolate exhibition,, a rabbit was made by chocolate.

It was so cute, adorable and unique,, The rabbit wore a fashionable clothes and classy jewelry,, Actually we did

not allowed to capture the photo,, but we were lucky to capture all the photos,,,


Here are the photos of chocolate exhibition at Hotel Mulya,,,,


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at Lembang

This weekend , I and my cousin went to Lembang,,, We spent 3 days there,,, we stay overnight at Vihara Lembang

We were so happy be there,, We were shopping at Rumah Mode and I  got a cute dress,, I thought I was so lucky

We ate Sate Kelinci at midnight,,, We spent our time nicely,,,

Me and Novel



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