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Wandering in Jakarta City

Yesterday, I went to High school reunion for once again. At this time, our destination was going to blok M and Grand Indonesia. First, I met Jessica Wijaya and Jessica Laura at SMPK 5. Then, Indra picked up us to his house. When we arrived at Indra’s house, we met Siska n Andre. Meanwhile, we were waiting for Lala n Finna. When Lala n Finna arrived, we directly went to Blok M by Mikrolet n Transjakarta. We had to transit for 3 times till we arrived at Blok M. After that, we bought some drink bottles n snacks. During in Transjakarta n Transjakarta Halte, Lala captured some photos.

Next, we visited Japanese Supermarket n store. Unfortunately, Jessica Laura was getting confused. She forgot the location of Japanese Supermarket n store. So, we had to wandering Blok M till we found the location. You can imagine, we had already so tired for walking to find it. Finally, we found Japanese Supermarket and store. We visited Japanese Store, Daisho on the second floor. Daisho store sold many items from Japan. The price of all items was Rp 22.000,00. Some of us were shopping there, the others just looking. I bought a stocking. Then, we went down upstair to Japanese Supermarket. Finna bought a Miso Seasoning. I thought she would cook it later at her house.

Then, we were walking again visited Japanese bookstore. There were many Japanese book. The book was interesting, but I did not understand Japanese. So, we just looking the book. After that, we visited another Japanese Supermarket. Siska bought an onigiri.

Finish shopping, we were going back to Transjakarta Halte. Now, we were hanging out to Grand Indonesia. We paid Transjakarta fee, Rp 3500,00. We had to transit for 3 times again till we arrived at Grand Indonesia. It was fun like an advanture when you transit n moved to another bus. When we arrived at Grand Indonesisa, we ate at  court. All of us bought Japanese foods. It was coincidence, ha,,ha,,ha,,. We were surrounding Grand Indonesia. We went to Kinokuya, Gramedia, Magnum Cafe and many more.

The last destination visited Kinetik Art Exhibition. All the stuff could moving, so it’s called Kinetik Art. For instance, a flying bird robot could move its wings if you pressed music button. It was amazing and cute. There was a mini club, if you screaming on microphone, you would be able heard a music. It was so unique. There was a chair which moving by itself. Then, a lot of cat could moving their one hand side in the air. I couldn’t tell you everything that I saw at Kinetik Art Exhibition, but you can see on my picture.

It was 10 pm o’clok, we went home by Transjakarta. We had to transit 3 times. At this time, we had to queue to get in the bus. Finally, we arrived at Kampung Melayu Halte. We get lost to find Indra’s father. After contact by mobile phone finally we found him. Indra’s father picked us back home. Indra n his father were so kind. They dropped me till my house. It was amazing day, we eight were walking for a long time, n transit a few times at Transjakarta Halte n visited Japanese Supermarket and bookstore n hanging out at Grand Indonesia.

Jessica and me in Transjakarta

Jessica Laura, Indra, Finna, Jessica Wijaya and me

First Line : Connie, Jessica, Indra

Second line : Jessica Laura, Finna and Andre

Spotted at Transjakarta Halte

First Line : Connie and Jessica Wijaya

Second line :Siska and Finna

Spotted at Transjakarta Halte

Siska n Andre

Andre and Lala

Jessica Wijaya, me , and Jessica Laura

Andre was sleeping, Indra n Finna

Spotted in Transjakarta

What a cute shoes

Kinetik Wood

adorable doll

Bird Robot

A suitcase with a mouth inside

Kinetik Art

A  plastic paper

A colorful plastic paper

movement a hand cat


This chair can moving!

An amazing bird

A flying bird

A  mini club


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Bazaar Art Jakarta

Friday, dated August 6, 2011 I, Cherina, Christiana and Siska went to the Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place. We visited the exhibition Art Bazaar Jakarta 2011 & casa by Bravacasa. We also visited the exhibition of paintings or fine art and interior design. This year is the third event organized Jakarta Art Bazaar. Jakarta Art Bazaar 2011 is the merger of two large event the Jakarta Art Bazaar and CASA by Bravacasa expected to be a medium for lovers and players express their creativity in the arts, building a reputation as well as opening opportunities of national and international art market. In addition, through this event will grow networking among the collectors, players Indonesian art lovers and art that would eventually create a business networking.

Through the Jakarta Art Bazaar 2011, they campaigned for Program 100% love Indonesia to increase our love and pride to the works of human creative Indonesia. So with love and pride, we want this country to buy children’s work. Of  course, this movement can be a motivator for creative beings Indonesia to create fresh ideas and innovation for the development of Indonesian art.

In Jakarta this year’s Art Bazaar, they began inviting galleries from abroad is from Korea and Singapore, which will participate in 4-day exhibition. Hope Art Bazaar Jakarta could continue to spur our artists to work and bring up a new media art, encouraging the emergence of new galleries and invite the attention of the outside world.

Art exhibition which has a mission to improve apresisasi society against works of art. Brought the art works and communicates to the public spaces are widest.

Supporters Bazaar Art Jakarta is the capital of the Republic of Indonesia Minister of Trade, Dr. Mari Elka Pangestu, magazine Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia, credit card, BCA priorities, Djarum Foundation, Ferrari and Maserati, The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta Pacific Place, Association of Indonesian Fine Arts Gallery. Jakarta Art Bazaar is also supported by a gallery, auction house, artists, curators, actors and other art media.

Here some photos of design interior,,,,


I’m surrounded by a lot of flowers

Design Interior

Living Room

The chair is made by grass

A lot of clocks around me

Piaza studio

Connie and Siska

Dining Room with some plates as the background


Dining Room

Living Room

Here some photos of painting exhibition,,

Flowers series



Home sweet home house of elephant

Light in the darkness

Love will find its way

Cage of Life

Tembok Baruku #2

Big brothers  playground

Mba’ yu


if you look at this painting, drawing thousands of people who have come together to form a painting obama

Suddenly offspring

The Beatles

if you look at this painting, drawing thousands of people who have come together to form a painting of the beatles

Tutur teduh

if you look at this painting, there are thousands of writings that make up the hand-drawn

Lux lumina


Siska and me

It’s the first time, I went to painting exhibition with my friend. I used to like to see the exhibition of paintings but now coming true.

I hope can see paintings of exhibition next year.

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