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KaTy PeRRy CoNceRT in JaKaRTa

Katy Perry Concert in Jakarta, at 19th January 2012, on Thursday. The concert was held at Sentul International Convention Center ( SICC  Jakarta). One of the top  famous singer, that is Katy Perry. 27-year-old beautiful woman came to perform in a concert in Indonesia. This the first time for Katy Perry to come to Indonesia in the event a themed tour California Dreams 2012.

Concert Ticket Prices of  Katy Perry Concert in Indonesia :

  • Red = Reserved
  • Pink = Rp. 1.900.000,-
  • Blue = Rp. 2.700.000,-
  • Green = Rp. 1.700.000,-
  • Yellow = Rp. 1.250.000,-
  • Orange = Rp. 850.000,-
  • Grey = Rp. 650.000,-


Katy Perry said that she was excited to come to Indonesia. She can’t wait for coming to Indonesia to meet her fans. Here is the video of  Katy Perry for her fans in Indonesia. She announced that she would come to Indonesia  for sure.

Around 9 o’clock last night of the concert finally started, Katy Perry was singing the song that accompanied the story. The story tells of a dream Katy Perry became one of the leading star in California.  Beginning with a video about Katy Perry’s nightmare, then he awoke and sang. First song is sung Katy Perry Teenage Dream. Then proceed with the song Hummingbird heartbeat and Waking up in Vegas.

The Crowd of  Katy Perry Concert in Jakarta

Katy Perry and the Audience

In recent times the singing, Katy Perry are also several times to change his stage costume or outfit with a diverse fashion. Starting from a white costume with candy lollipop that spins accessories, gloves and red high heels. Then she hanged her costume to dress in blue.

Katy Perry and the Guitarist

Katy Perry and the Dancers

Katy Perry with Spins Accessories

Katy Perry n the Eccentric Guy

Katy Perry with White Costume Candy Lollipop

that Spins Accessories, Gloves and Red High Heels

Katy Perry and Two Fabulous n Glamorous Dancers

In the middle show, Katy Perry wonder who is still single. Many guys put their hands up in the air. Then, guess what, Katy Perry asked them to take off their clothes. Lucky, there was a lucky guy got kissed by Katy Perry . His name is Adrian, he comes from Jakarta.  He took several  photos  while  kissing Katy Perry. His hand was shaking when took a photo with Katy Perry for a second times. So, Katy Perry helped him to take another photo that  is done by herself. Hmm, I think Adrian took an opportunity to kiss Katy Perry on the stage.

The Lucky Guy Got Kissed by Katy Perry

After that Katy Perry brought some favorite songs, ranging from Teenage Dream as the opening song, I Kissed A Girl, Circle the drain, E.T, Hot n Cold, Last Friday Night (TGIF), The One That Got  Away, Fireworks, to California Gurls. When the song Fireworks, fireworks appear on the right side and left side of the stage. So, the atmosphere was the same with the ‘Fireworks’, like the title of song.

Finally, the concert ended around at 11 pm. California Gurl as the last song and the closing song that brought by Katy Perry. In the last show, Katy Perry squirt water into the audience with an unique water pistol. The last words, Katy Perry say, “I love you Jakarta, I love you Indonesia.”

See you again next time Katy Perry!!

Katy Perry  Changed Her Hair Color To Blue and Wearing Sexy Clothes

Katy Perry Squirt Water Into the Audience with an Unique Water Pistol


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God has sent His son for compensate our sins. We should be aware for helping n loving each other. On this Christmas, we have to share our love with everyone. Share all of your happiness n rejoice for everyone. May this Christmas God bless you with His love. Bring a happiness to someone who needs help.

Joy to the world, the Lord has come.

One year full of  rejoice, tear, n hope. A new year has come to introspect  yourself . We should learn from the past, that will make you stronger than before. You must believe that mirracle will come to you in time. So, what would you do if you can’t change your life. I guess, you should make resolution for this year. Hoping that there’s no accident, disaster or something criminal or something be dangerous in your life. I hope this new year gimme a hope n luck in my life. Because I pray to God for giving me a power to do anything.

Merry Christmas n Happy New Year for all of you!!!

24th December 2011, I was hanging out with my friend, Jessica Wijaya, Jessica Laura or Bajay, Siska, Andrea or Peko, Indra n Andre. We went  to Sency, we ate at food court. We also try ice cream that bought by Jessi and guess what?? We ate one ice cream together.

Andrea, Siska , Jessica Laura, Jessica Wijaya, Connie n Indra

An Ice cream that bought by Jessica Wijaya

Andrea, Connie n Jessica Wijaya

Siska, Connie n Jessica Wijaya


Stefanny n Connie

Spotted at Mall Kelapa Gading

I am at Christmas House

Now, New Year Eve

Vanessa and Me

Vanessa  n Connie

Connie, That’s me

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