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Lady Gaga n Vanity Fair

Almost everybody knows Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is so cute n independent. Lady Gaga’s songs are so beautiful n sad. I believe she learn a lot from this world. Lady Gaga is kindhearted, she wants share her love to little monster, her fans. Actually, she gives many food to her little monster who waiting for her presence. I read it from Gogirl! Magazine.

Lady Gaga is a social activist. The Do Something Foundation gives her name as one of the most charitable artist in 2010.
She gives a lot of charities for the world. She has demonstrated support for Alzheimer’s Association, Stand Up To Cancer, M·A·C AIDS Fund, and the Lupus Foundation of America. She also participated in Artists for Peace and Justice and Oxfam foundations. Oxfam promotes solutions to fight poverty and injustice.

Lady Gaga concern with disaster in Haiti in 2010 n Japan in 2011. she donated half a million dollars from her Monster Ball tour. She also recorded a song for the Songs for Japan project, a worldwide hit that fundraised $10 million to help out Japan. On top of that, she designed a bracelet and the sales were donated to Japan.

Because of this activism, Gaga will be honored the Trevor Hero Award for her LGBT support and actions. The plan is to stop bullying and support LGBT rights among youth. The website of the organization promotes the message “to build a brave new world where humanity is embraced, individuals are empowered, and intolerance is eliminated.” Further information http://www.ucdadvocate.com › Noise



Lady Gaga already shows that she has a motivation to build a new world on some her songs. For example, Born this way, she told to the world that you must accept yourself the way you are.  Just love yourself. Be the best for your life.  If you regret with your life . It’s ok, but just believe  you already do the best in your life. When you be happy, sad. It’s already set by God.

Lady gaga held a concert in Jakarta, Gelora Bung Karno. I’m interested with her shows.

Here is her promote concert video.

I know Lady Gaga wants come to Jakarta, but many Indonesian think that she is devil. Actually, you all never know her life. You just see the bad things. Why, you don’t see the good things. If you know the true Lady Gaga, you can understand who is lady gaga.
Many fans in Indonesian want her to come to Indonesia. Sometimes a famous artist is hard to held a concert in Indonesia. They too
many critics. Just think carefully. Everyone already buy the tickets.It’s sold out. NOw, if Lady gaga’s concert is being cancelled, her fans will be so disappointed. The promoter will disadvantage n loose International trust. Lady Gaga wants come to to Indonesia to the new world. If Lady Gaga not come I’ll be disappointed. So, receive her presence to held the concert in Indonesia.


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My LOve STory

Kehadiranmu membuatku terpaku

ingin bersamamu menembus dimensi waktu yang ada

hasrat ingin memilikimu terselubung di hatiku

seiring berjalannya waktu hati, jiwa , dan pikiran ini tidak bisa melepas bayang-bayangmu

apa yang terjadi, kamu akan jadi selalu yang pertama dan utama di kehidupanku

kamu berhasil mendapatkan hati ini, mengusai pikiranku

hingga aku tak mampu bersanding lagi dengan khayalan

ingin kamu terelasisasikan di dunia ini

karena itu aku berjanji terus mengucapkan kata yang mengikat

yaitu bertemu dengan kamu dan menyatakan apa yang ada di relung hati ku ini

semuanya akan di hempaskan begitu saja

ingin aku meluluhkan hatimu,

ingin aku meraba, mencium, mengasihimu lebih dalam lagi

kamu yang membuatku terjatuh dan terbangun kembali

kekuatan cintamu menggetarkan hati sanubariku

tanpamu, hidupku terasa menyesakkan

tanpamu, jiwa inii memberontak meminta kehadiranmu di sisiku

tanpamu, aku kesepian dan menangis

tanpamu, tawa ini akan terlihat memudar

tanpamu, raga ini meminta dirimu kembali untuk ada di pandanganku

sejauh mana aku harus berkorban untuk memilikimu

sejauh mana aku harus menjadi bahan tertawaan untuk menggapai cintamu

sejauh mana aku harus membuktikan jiwa dan ragamu jika hati ini sepenuhnya milikmu

sejauh mana aku menjerit memintamu mengakui keberadaanku

sejauh mana aku harus berjuang mencari menemukanmu

sejauh mana aku harus berharap dan menanti

hingga erngkau menyadari bahwa aku cinta sejatimu, belahan jiwa.

Kamu satu-satunya yang membuatku terhanyut dalam buaian kasih sayangmu

kamu satu-satunya yang memberiku semangat untuk menghadapi cobaan dunia

kamu satu-satunya yang membuatku menjadi lebih baik lagi

kamu satu-satunya yang membuatku kagum dan terpana akan kelebihan dan kekuranganmu

kamu satu-satunya yang akan menjadi hal terindah dan terukir di hati ini

*** FOR someone who I wanna meet

someone who has an activity at wanachala, industrial engineering,

kaya iman dan pengertian

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