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On Saturday, 28th July 2012 Pemuda Commission has held a rafting games at Citatih , Sukabumi.We has made an appointment to arrive at GKI Ciplok at 04.30 a.m.  It’s still dark, lonely n silent actually,

We left from cipinang elok at 6.30 a.m o’clock. We took off by bus to Citatih, Bogor.  The journey took about 3 hours. After arrived in Citatih , the meeting point, we prepared ourself to play rafting. Some of us change their outfit. We didn’t forget to use sunblock. We got a blue scraf . We wore it as headbands.

Pemuda GKI Cipinang Elok

All the joy bring happiness for us

Then we went to the meeting point by public transportion. Luckily, I and some my friends got in car to reach the distarting point. It was fun to enjoy the view of  village nature.

Ronni, Meriska, Indi, Gemala, Jeffry, Yohanes and me

Kaka, Gemala n Me

When we arrived, we wore complete equipment to rafting. We wore life  jacket, helm, n paddle. We captured some photoes there. It would be sweet memory, you know. We divide into 9 group, each group consist of 5 people include the skipper who guide n give instruction us. My group consist of  Vania, Welly, Jefffry and me.

All Pemuda GKI Cipinang Elok wear rafting equipment

We went to a river. After that we got in the rubber boat. My position in the middle on the left. We were playing rafting. We must pass 20 rapids. Our journey was about 12 km. It was fun especially when you through the rapid. It was challenging. Some times when we passed the rapids, the water splash us n made our  clothing got wet. We splash water with our paddle each other in different group like a child. Wow,, It’s gonna be a  fun day. The skipper asked us to falling down to the water n swimming around there for a while. There was a photographer from the rafting committee to capture a lot of photos of us.

Our Group

I really enjoy the view of the river. Full of  big stone and cliff. The view was amazing enough. In the middle of  the journey, we took a rest. We transit in a place to drink a coconut. We were chatting n took some pictures there. After took a rest we continued our journey.

We were playing rafting

We passed half of all rapids. The best part was ‘boom.’  Boom means we should sit down under the seat of  the boat n lift our paddle upright. When our boat went wrong direction, we must paddle back off our boat. Some times when our boat trapped in the stone, we must change our position. The skipper would give instruction to move right or move left then we must change our position as the instruction that given by the skipper. When we passed the rapids, the skipper always asked us to lift and unite our paddle to the air. Then the skipper would hit his paddle to the water so hardly.

A lot of fun with playing rafting

Finally we passed the last rapid. We finished our journey and the skipper asked to us for falling down n swimming into the water for one more time till we arrive in the meeting point. When I tried to standing up in the water, I could feel many little stone there. It was slipper, so it was hard for me to walked in the water. Vania advice me to swim not to walk in the water. That’s true, you are smart Vania.

Having fun playing rafting

We took a bath after that. We clean ourself then we had lunch in cottage. We could see our photo from a television, the result of  photos that taken by the photographer. After eating some of us got a merchandise from the committee. And guess what? I was one of  the winner who got the merchandise. The merchandise was a rubber pillow.

We went to the previous place, meeting point by public transportation. For this time I got in public transportation. We went back to Jakarta by bus again.  The journey took 3 hours. Before we arrive in Jakarta, we transit to the rest area. Vania, Meriska, Indy , Novia. Desy, me n the others bought food in KFC. Some of us bought oriental bento. Then we back to the bus went to Cipinang Elok.

Finally, we arrived in Cipinang Elok. I walked to my home with Pandu, Indy, n the others. It was a wonderful moment I’ve ever had n unforgettable moment. I was really excited because this is the first time I played rafting, a dangerous sport enough. I hope we will play rafting again in next time.

The Preparation for Rafting :

  • There’s no special T-shirt, but do not wear jeans because it will be heavy if  struck water.  Choose light one, not absorb water, n not difficult to make any movement in the water.
  •  Shoes do not need a special kind, but you should use a mountain sandals, or sneakers are not smooth and light.
  •  Having breakfast for 2 hours before playing rafting. Do not eat too much because u can vomit. if  often run into many shakes on the boat. Eat caloric enough, so u have a power.
  •  Before do stretching muscle on the shoulder n arm to avoid cram or muscle injury. Half hour is enough.
  • Bring toilet equipment for taking a bath


Arung Jeram Sungai Cicatih has  grade III-IV  dif difficulty which challenging enough. From meeting point we direct go to river which  be forded till be beaten  again  in 10 minute with free public transportation.

After preparing rafting equipment such as , helm, life jacket, n padddle which has been prepared , there is a briefing from the kru, then distarting point for start playing rafting. There are 20 jeram, such as  jeram jontor, jeram blender, jeram roller coster n etc.


  • Rafting Equipment: Life Jacket, Helm, Paddle,  Skipper yang berpengalaman
    ( instruktur ), Team Rescue
  • 1 x Snack, 1 x Refreshment Young coconut water rafting place finish
  • 1x lunch ala Sundanese
  • Rafting Insurance
  • Fasilitas Toilet & Shower
  • Local transportation from start / finish rafting
  • Rafting Certificate.

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No more Words

Glitter Words

  • Sweet memory never can be replaced by anything
  • I promise beneath under the moon to move on and get what I want
  • Heavy rain likes a tear drop that rolling down on my cheek cause I’m too worried for this suck life
  • Almost everyday I suffer cause wanting u beside me but now I realize u’r just an illusion n shadow for me
  • The the beat of music makes my body moving. Dancing like a pro dancer n singing like a famous artist
  • When u still young, waste ur youth with full of achievement, creativity, having fun, do some mission, act like agent who searching ur goal
  • Hoping a miracle happen in my life, praying to God, doing as could as possible till u get it. Improve ur optimistic to face the world
  • Hey, pretty is not always sweet in ur perspective, pretty is a beautiful soul
  • Back to the past makes u hurt, just struggling for the future not the past
  • U can’t run away from ur past on the other hand u can run away from ur future by take a change
  • Forever and young ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘
  • U’ve been forgotten and all ur mistake already be forgiven by me. So, who u r , ur existence already disappeared from my life
  • Hanging out in the middle of nite is challenging n unforgettable moment. Night life is beautiful n blissful
  • Step by step , if you want forgive someone that you really hate, you already win
  • Lying in the bed , it’s the best time for dreaming
  • Just thinking the best way to loose all these burdens from ur shadow
  • Little things to be mature is accepting all the sickness that happened in your life wisely
  • My sorrow is never know you at that time. If I knew you, this wouldn’t be happened
  • U’r knocking me down = the old me is already gone + make a move to proof u that I better than before + tryna to show u who’s gonna win
  • The happiest thing just happen today, God gimme an opportunity for being a ‘winner’. I’m so blessed, a miracle comes to my life
  • Where’s our heart, when many people suffer around u, but u never notice for a while to help each other. Being empathic for bright future!!
  • I hope all anguish part of life never be undefiled

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Yesterday, Thursday July 6, 2012, Emporium Mall held a Championsheep Modern Dance Group, sponsored by Shaun the Sheep. The event started around 2 pm in the lobby under the Emporium Mall. This dance competition themed K-Pop dance. So much to come of this competition dressed girlband and boyband korea.

Once in the Emporium mall, I,  Novel, my sista, Intan, Dwi n Riska went to the food court on the 4th floor. Previously we see the stage from the top floor, the stage  was Childish because themed Shaun the Sheep . We are confused why the stage like that. But right there we saw why a child is already in the make up and wear costumes.  Finally, we  understand why the stage like that, beacuse there are small children who would also perform later, they would  battle with teenagers. Yeah, because it is also sponsored by Shaun the Sheep so the stage is ‘not cool’.

In the food court we were waiting for the arrival of another, namely, Kiki, Nabila, Febi, Yessy. While we waited for a drink, hang out at the food court. Once they arrived, Nabila  informed us if their group, The Generation got the lottery numbers  10. Hmm,,,,, can be the starting number.

When The Generation  personnel is complete, they direct  in the make-up by Riska one by one. There was already make up and then get dressed, some are otherwise wear a costume then make up. Completed the preparation of costume and make-up we went down to the lobby.

Arriving at the lobby, it already comes the turn of the group The Generation appeared on stage after the other group completed the performance. Their turn to perform, I was in the front row spectators at Riska, Mama Febi and Devon, Febi’s nephew. We look at their appearance. Yeah, according to me is pretty good, but unfortunately their formation is rather messy and less compact. Finished performing three judges consisting of 2 boys n 1 girl, Elvin, Edwin n Vanessa giving the value of 6.5; 7; 6.5. Honestly I was surprised because a low value. The jury commented that their performance is less compact, blocking, right down to the bottom of the movement quite compact. Just it the comment from the judge. Apparently all the personnel of The Generation feel disappointed with the results of the jury.

THE Generation Performance

REVOC at Emporium Mall Pluit Jakarta

Well done Revoc got score 7, 7 n 7 from the juries.

NYG (SNSD Cover Dance)

After one group perform, the other participants perform on stage. When they got to the stage, to be honest I was shocked n laugh out loud. How could I’m not laughing, but who appear effeminate boy band of all personnel. More eccentric costumes, too sensual n expose the body. So the audience to laugh out loudly as long as they perform. Perform is completed, two personnel in the challenge for dancing with one hand on the ear. I swear, That was so hilarious, sensual style. The three judges direct give you all the value 8. A high number if you ask me.

The opening of their performance

‘The sissy boy band’

Their dance performance is so sensual

They dance so energetically

On the sidelines of the event there was Nando, boyband Indo promoting his dance class. He challenged dancing, His dance was so cool, his movement  like a robot. The women jury was impressed with him. I thought she like him.

Nando who wears  glass n the MC

Finished watching about 4 group show, we returned to the food court, waiting for the announcement. We ate at the food court. Fair amount of time we wait for the game. For hours we wait for the results announcement. Oh yeah, there was Febi nephew, Devon. The child was funny n smart. Who is not irritated with him? Nosy children.

Late afternoon we took to the lobby to see the performance of other participants. Average in their performance was cool. There was a problem the  song, it would be delayed for their performance.
There was really cool boyband its performance but its value is not high . Safe  if you ask me the value of the judges is 7, the highest value is 8, the lowest is 6. There was also a performance like dance so. If there was a dance usually performed mixed by boys n girls.

One group perform on the stage

SELFNITE at Modern Group Dance Championsheep

There was one group of cool band performance. Then, there was a cute guy, but unfortunately the song be replaced directly with AKB48 song, Heavy Rotation.They already performed so cool, but suddenly change the style of cute Japanese girls so like the style, the style of AKB48.

EXO-K Dance Video Competition

8 hours of the event was over. Total all participants  there was estimated 60 group. The names of the winners be announced, the largest supporter champion n champion 1-3. Champion 2 was won by the group ‘sissy’. Ha, ha,, well they finally won, hilarious also. Gifts of cash and luggage.

Fun day to see the costumes n dance performance was cool style of Korea. Surely, I can wash my eyes, look in the guys cute n cool in there. So it really entertaining dance competition show  because many guy’s cool dressed K-pop. Fortunate to come to this event. It will be unforgettable moment.

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