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On Sunday, 3th Februari 2013, I, Yossy, Tifanny n Marcella (Tifanny’s sister) went to Grand Indonesia. To reach there, I went by Transjakarta. It was a long queue for waiting the bus at Semanggi, but finally I got in the bus.

I was surprised when I met Tifanny and Yossy, but I still didn’t realize Tifanny’s sister Marcella until Tifanny introduced her to me. I think they have similar face. We were eating at food court. We were chatting for a long time. Then we continued to Trick art place.

I was surprised, the queue for waiting to get into trick art was so long. We took turns to queue, sometimes Yossy n me, or Tifanny n Marcella. When we were waiting , we met Yossy’s sister n her friend. they asked to follow bought trick art ticket.

When we arrived in trick art locket. In fact, outside estimates that the price was Rp 50.000,00 for under 23 years. I thought the price would be Rp 75.000,00. Thanx God , the price was cheaper. before entering trick art, we took photo there.


Yossy, Tifanny. Marcella, n Connie


Connie, Tifanny, Marcella,

Yossy’s sister, Yossy n friend of  Yossy’s sister

When I was entering trick art, It was crowded. Many people queue to took photo. I was excited to took all photos there. But, I remember it’s impossible to took all photos there. So I surrounding the place by sometimes took the photo. we explored our creativity to pose in unique style. Sometimes we must be patient to queue just for taking photo in one spot.

Here are the photos on some spots.


Mona Lisa Picture


Upside Down Room


Angel n Butterfly


Frankenstein’s Mouth


Oblique Space


Eiffel Tower


Hang Hand


          Matador VS Bull

We had already been there for approximately 2 hours. Time doesn’t feel so long for hunting great photos. When we exit, we met ‘the scream’ we asked him to photo. He had a good style for using his knife. We also found great spot outside trick art, so we took photo there.


The Scream


Tifanny, Yossy n Connie




Yossy n Connie

After that surrounding the mall,  Tifanny’s boyfriend came to Grand Indonesia Mall, Tifanny introduced him to Yossy n Me. We went to Forever 21 and Yossy bought earrings. I met Michael. my college friend at TopMan.  After that we eating again in the same place and seat. And then we went home. I was driving home with Tifanny n Marcella. Marcella was riding the car. Unforgettable moment. The committee said that Trick Art will be held again on the end year. So you still have a chance to attend it.


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